Web Design Shalaja Swimwear

Services:   View Live Website Design: ¬†Shalajaswimwear.comShaLaJa is a Montgomery, AL based fashion industry start-up focusing on swimwear and accessories.ShaLaJa wanted a clean, modern ¬†focusing on the products with ease of use and responsive web design. We delivered all of the above within budget and with extra features. … [Read more...]

Web Design Medical AIDS Outreach of Alabama, Inc.

Services:   View Live Website Design: Maoi.orgMontgomery AIDS Outreach of Alabama, Inc. came to us with a simple request, to redesign their website to convey the message that HIV and AIDS is a problem everyone faces.During the development of the new web design we were careful in the choice of colors and content used ensure the site is appealing to all audiences. Red plays a strong role in the design as it is the symbolic color for the fight against HIV/AIDS along with clean, crisp images to make a strong impact while allowing the site layout to remain simple and easy to navigate. … [Read more...]

Web Design My Hillwood Homeowners Association

Services:   View Live Website Design: MyHillwood.com The Hillwood Homeowners Association in Montgomery AL, came to us with a unique set of wishes for there web design and we took every suggestion and turned them into reality! The site is packed with features from a secure members area, post system, member profiles, automatic notifications, online dues payments, and more. … [Read more...]

Web Design Shopping Scheveningen

Services:  ShoppingScheveningen.nl is a community of brick and mortar shops located in Den Haag, Netherlands. They came to us looking for a custom web design to list local businesses in the area and attract new customers.The group uses the site to post events, sales, store information and history of the area. Each shop has the option of adding custom skins to match their store along with photos, links, descriptions, contact info and store hours among other things. … [Read more...]